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The Kewet has been produced as 5 different models (CityJet 1..5) which all share the same look. A few vans (CityVan) has also been produced with the same technology as CityJet5. See pictures.

  • CityJet 1 and 2 used open lead acid batteries in a 48V system, had a 4 speed + reverse manual gear box and a 5KW DC motor. The DC motor controller was made by Curtis.

  • Model 3 uses the same voltage (48V). The manual gear box is replaced by an electronic "gear box" and the engine is now rated to 7.5 kW.

  • Late production model 3 and later models were built around maintainance-free Hawker FGT lead-acid batteries and a battery supervising system called (the "car controller").

  • On the CityJet 4 the voltage is increased to 60V and the engine to 10kW. The range is improved from 20-30 km to about 30-50 km.

  • CityJet 5 uses two strings of 6 * 12V Hawker  lead-acid batteries for 72V. The engine is increased to 12-15kW. All this gives a theorethical range of 100 km @ 50 km/h.

The CityJet5 is still made in small series in Oslo Norway. Every car is produced on order. Even though the share the same basic design, options are for instance NiCad batteries replacing the Hawker lead-acid batteries, regenerative breaking, etc.

Vital data Kewet CityJet 5 (NiCad):

  • Engine: 72VDC 12kW @ 2750 RPM. 

  • Max speed (level ground): 70-80 km/h dependent of battery charge, tail wind etc.

  • Acceleration to 50km/h: About 7 seconds.

  • Acceleration to 70km/h: (Don’t ask, it takes time...) 

  • Batteries: 12 * 6V 100Ah NiCad in series for 72V.

  • Dry weight: 620 kg (850 kg lead-acid)

  • Charge time: About 6-7 hrs for full charge. 

  • 3-4 hrs to 80% charge.

  • Experienced driving range: 46-56 km.

  • Theoretical range (which I have never achieved) @ 50 km/h even speed, level ground: 100km.

  • Length: 2442 mm.

  • Width: 1425 mm.

  • Height: 1246 mm.

  • Free height over ground: 132 mm.

  • Track width: 1200 mm.

  • Wheel base 1550 mm.

  • Radius of full turn: 3745 mm.

  • Tires: 145/80 R13 75T.

  • Heater: Vebasto (utilizing kerozene)

  • Fiberglass body on galvanized steel tube space-frame. 

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Updated: 28. May 2002