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I've been the proud owner of a Kewet CityJet 5 since August 1999. It has been a mixed blessing, and have by necessity been changed into a hobby. Sometimes this can be concidered as a good thing to do at leisure, at other times more an annoyance. Fixing broken drive shafts at -10C might be -- well jugde by yourselves. During these years most things that can break have broken. Some components as the DC/DC-converter -four- times. My major concern has been the breaks which tend to engange slighly by themselves.

This is the list of things that have broken down in an approximately cronological order:

2000 Battery pack. Replaced with NiCad batteries that have served well since - touch wood - about 60000 km. Replaced the DC/DC converter and the windshield wiper motor.

2002 Drive shaft, left side. Brake-pads front. The Curtis motor contoller went with an audible bang when my wife backed out of the yard one cold morning. Rather expensive. Another DC/DC converter. (Cheap.)

2003 Brake pads, back. Removed rust on brake disks, back. A preventive cleaning of battery terminals.

2004 Brake disks front. Brake caliper left side front. Changed brake fluid.

2005 Brake caliper right side front. The third DC/DC converter. Then the fourth one. Replaced the 12V battery - most likely the cause of killing DC/DC converters. Brake pads and disks back. Direction and pack lights front gave up to corrosion. Replaced by standard parts from Biltema. A preventive cleaning of battery terminals.

2006 No major things have broken, but the kerosene fuelled heater has become troublesome in humid weather. Dismantled and cleaned. Seems ok now. Drive shaft right side overdue for replacement. The brake on the left side front are sticking again. Sigh...

Drive shaft on right side changed. Brake disks and pads in front replacedoth sides. Brake fluid replaced. The gearbox is leaking some oil due to worn sim-rings. Refilled. Battery water refilled twice. About 1 litre per 6 blocks each time, so the batteries seems Ok.

Updated: 14. May 2007