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The operation seemed simple enough; Remove the Hawker RGT batteries, mount the new ones, connect all cables and .. that's it. I documented the whole process as we (Viggo at Kollega Bil A/S and me) did the convertion. Click on the pictures themselves to view larger versions.

Removing the Hawker RGT batteries was the first step. First of all the main cable connecting the batteries in the front compartment with the ones under the seat was disconnected and securery isolated. (As you don't know which powers that reside in these batteries until you have shorted one..) Next, the remaining battery connectors were removed and the batteries lifted out.

Picture 1: Front battery compartment showing the original Hawker RGTs.
The NiCad 6V batteries comes in pairs to be placed back-to-back connected in series with special connecting bars. As you will notice, the NiCads are a rather small compared to RGTs. Fastening was done by gluing each battery pair to the bottom of the battery compartment utilizing heavy-duty bodywork glue. Then nylon bonds were used to secure each battery pair, locating each pair as far to the front as possible. Some of the old battery cables were used to connect the pairs in series. I almost forgot the sensor wires for the car controller: There are markings printed into the insulation of the wires marking which goes where. Picture 2 shows the batteries in place ready to be covered up. 

Under construction!


Picture 2: New NiCad batteries in place. Click on the picture for a larger version with more details.

Picture 3: New NiCad batteries in place under the seats. Click on the picture for a larger version with more details.

Updated: 2. February 2002